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Optimize Cyber Insurance Coverage and Spending

Squalify allows you to determine your cyber insurance limit and the amount of insurance you need based on outcome scenarios of Business Interruption, Data Privacy Breach, and Financial Fraud and Theft.

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Cyber Risk is the Top Global Business Risk.

2023 has seen a worrying resurgence in ransomware and extortion losses. Hackers are increasingly targeting IT and physical supply chains, launching mass cyberattacks, and finding new ways to extort money from businesses. Are you prepared?

"Cyber risk ranks for the first time as the #1 global risk for companies of all sizes."


Minimize Cyber Insurance Costs. Maximize Insurance Coverage.

Squalify allows you to quantify the financial impact of your cyber risk, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding insurance coverage and limits.

Holistic risk assessment: Gain a comprehensive view of your cyber risk exposure, from worst-case scenarios to scenario-based financial loss.

Cyber insurance insights: Determine the cyber scenarios to be included in your insurance coverage and the suitable limits for each. Receive customized guidance regarding coverage, limits, and services that align with your unique risk profile and industry standards.

Strategic risk management: Use our insights to inform your financial planning and risk management strategies. Ensure your organization is adequately prepared for cyber threats.


How Squalify boosts your Cyber Insurance Decisions

Loss Scenarios

Model business interruption, data privacy breach, ransomware or fraud scenarios for your organization and quantify the expected loss for rare but impactful scenarios (1 in 100 and 1 in 200-year events, or 1% and 0.5% probability of loss). Use these to understand which scenarios to insure, and how much coverage to take out.

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Risk Balance

Squalify determines whether your information security measures are adequate given your organization's exposure to cyber scenarios. Use the Risk Balance to priotize insurance for under-protected business units or specific scenarios.

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Modelled Average Loss

Squalify can model the frequency and financial impact of cyber incidents, showing you how often your organization is likely to experience a significant cyber event and predicting the potential financial loss in detail.

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"The quality and speed of getting results with the Squalify CRQ platform is unparalleled."
Volker Burgers
Partner and Cyber Strategy Lead at Deloitte Germany

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