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Centralize Cyber Risk Management Across Subsidiaries

With Squalify, you can manage cyber risk for your entire organisational structure effectively. Gain insight from historical cyber loss data.

problem statement

Subsidiaries are becoming more vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

According to a survey by CSO online, the majority of organizations had either experienced a cyberattack where the attack chain included a subsidiary, or they lacked the information to rule it out. This underscores the paramount importance of effectively managing cyber risk across the entire organization. Are you confident that your group is adequately prepared?

67% of respondents said their organizations had either experienced a cyberattack where the attack chain included a subsidiary, or they lacked the information to rule it out.

CSO Online, 01/2021

Manage Cyber Risk effectively across your Organization

Squalify allows you to measure, track, and compare cyber risk for every entity or business area within a single unified platform. This ensures that you consistently remain informed about cyber risk and guarantees the alignment and security of your entire organization.

Centralized steering: Assess, monitor, and compare cyber risks across all business areas and subsidiaries to promote a cohesive risk management strategy.

Tailored risk steering: Balance your risk management initiatives according to the specific business model needs and exposures of each subsidiary, thereby optimizing resource allocation.

Continuous security monitoring: Track the effectiveness of security improvements and risk management performance over time to ensure your subsidiaries stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.


How Squalify enables effective Enterprise-Level Cyber Risk Management

Scenario-Based Assessment

Model the importance of a subsidiary’s business interruption, data privacy breach, ransomware or financial theft and fraud scenarios and use these insights to prioritize subsidiary risk discussions and focus on the WHY.

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Risk Balance

Quickly determine whether your subsidiaries' information security measures are adequate given their exposure to cyber threats. With this insight, you can prioritize the right risk mitigation activities for the highest risks.

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Time Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your subsidiaries over time. Make a business case for improving security controls at a group level or within subsidiaries by simulating how security initiatives reduce the potential financial losses. Use simulations to inform planning and identify the subsidiaries that would benefit most from new initiatives.

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"The quality and speed of getting results with the Squalify CRQ platform is unparalleled."
Volker Burgers
Partner and Cyber Strategy Lead at Deloitte Germany

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