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Reveal the Cyber Risk in Strategic Initiatives

Squalify enables you to quantify and monitor the financial risk your business transformation (e.g. M&A, cloud migration, market expansion) poses to your organization. Gain insight from historical cyber loss data.

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Is Cyber Risk a Deal Breaker?

According to a Forescout market survey, 53 percent of respondents reported that their organizations encountered critical cybersecurity issues during the M&A process that jeopardized deal negotiations. Mergers and acquisitions, market expansion, and other business transformations are highly susceptible to cyber risks that can significantly impact the valuation, long-term financial results, and success of these transactions. Is cyber risk going to be a deal breaker for you?

53 percent of respondents reported that their organizations encountered critical cybersecurity issues during the M&A process that jeopardized deal negotiations.

Forescout, 06/2019

Turn Cyber Risk into a Deal Maker, not a Deal Breaker!

The Squalify SaaS platform shows you how transformational business activities can change your cyber risk profile and whether this will affect the success of your project. This insight keeps you informed of the risk you face at every stage - from identifying the opportunity to closing the deal.

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Use Case 1

Monitor your Cyber Risk for M&A

Squalify's financial risk output can be integrated at any stage of the M&A process to ensure continuous cyber risk monitoring.

Pre-acquisition financial risk: Quantify cyber risk before a merger or acquisition. All you need is your target's financial statements.

Cyber due diligence: Continue with a detailed assessment of your target's cyber risk to quickly gain insight into the potential financial loss of a merger or acquisition.

Post-acquisition financial risk: Calculate how your enterprise-level cyber risk will change after the merger or acquisition. Build the business case for security investments with custom simulations that accurately reflect changes in security controls for the newly expanded organization.

Use Case 2

Quantify your Cyber Risk from Business Change Initiatives

With Squalify, you can quantify the financial impact of cyber risk on business transformation initiatives, changes to your technology infrastructure, and adjustments to your security posture.

Business transformation: Quantify and monitor your cyber risk from strategic business changes such as mergers and acquisitions, cloud migration, market expansion, and more to reevaluate security budgets and priorities.

Technology transformation: Model the financial risks of technology transformations (e.g., cloud migration, improved communication between IT and OT networks, or zero-trust initiatives).

Cyber transformation: Calculate your return on security investment (ROI) by modeling the financial impact of cyber risk as your security controls change.

"The quality and speed of getting results with the Squalify CRQ platform is unparalleled."
Volker Burgers
Partner and Cyber Strategy Lead at Deloitte Germany

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