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Revolutionizing Strategic Cyber Risk Management

We empower the C-level to understand the financial impact of cyber risk and upon make strategic decisions for the entire organization.

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Top-Down Risk Quantification: Focus on the Big Picture.

Squalify’s top-down quantification approach focuses on calculating a company’s large risk potential at the macro and strategic level. It begins with a comprehensive overview at the company level, providing considerable advantages for organizations aiming to attain a holistic comprehension of their cyber risk profile.

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Effectively manage Cyber Risk at the Strategic Level.

Squalify's output facilitates peer benchmarking and long-term comparisons of cyber risk in financial metrics, fostering an ongoing risk dialogue among top management. Our top-down quantification approach:

  • Enables fast and accurate risk prioritization.
  • Facilitates the creation of consolidated management reports.
  • Enables more effective strategic decision-making across the enterprise.
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Faster Cyber Risk Insights

The Squalify SaaS platform requires minimal data entry. You benefit from less time spent on tedious data collection and much faster time to insight due to our unique top-down risk quantification approach.

Quick Assessment

Determine your risk profile based on your industry and size using publicly available information about your organization.

Detailed Risk Analysis

We enable you refine and contextualize the results by gathering additional information through interviews, making them even more accurate and valuable to you.

Custom Calculations

With additional insight into your security controls and information security framework, you can calculate your risk score, learn how to prioritize your investments, and run custom simulations.

"The quality and speed of getting results with the Squalify CRQ platform is unparalleled."
Volker Burgers
Partner and Cyber Strategy Lead at Deloitte Germany
unique advantages

Effectively manage Cyber Risk with Squalify.

Squalify's semi-standardized risk model, which focuses on the macro level of the enterprise and leverages aggregated input data, allows you to quantify your cyber risk in a short amount of time and with few resources.

Rapid and Lean Implementation

Quantify your enterprise-wide worst-case loss in 48 hours. Complete a full cyber risk quantification in as little as 21 days.

Reliable Risk Model

Our proven risk model has been tested and trained on more than 4,500 quantifications for major corporations.

Best-in-Class Data

Our calculations leverage one of the largest collections of historical cyber insurance loss data, ensuring a consistent, high-quality risk picture.


We enable seamless enterprise-wide risk aggregation by standardizing risk assessments across business units and aligning them with strategic objectives.


You can run as many cyber risk assessments as you want, as often as you want, without worrying about maintaining the model.

Unknown Risks Inclusion

Squalify also considers risks unknown to your organization, providing valuable insight into potential blind spots that may not be readily apparent.

Quantify Cyber Risk at the Company Level in 21 Days

Start quantifying your cyber risk with Squalify and get the insights you need to make future proof security investments. Book your free demo now!

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