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Empower your Voice in the Boardroom.

Make the case for security investments by revealing the financial impact of cyber risks to your organization and the specific investments you need to make to mitigate those risks. No more guesswork.

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Justify your Security Decisions to your Board.

Having trouble getting budget approval for your security investment program? With Squalify, you can demonstrate the financial impact of cyber risk to your organization. This helps your board understand the value of your proposed security investments, and helps you get the approval you need to implement your security investment program.

Top-Down CRQ

Communicate the potential impact of cyber threats to your organization in the universal language of business - money.

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Loss Scenarios

Visualize the financial loss to your organization from cyber threats in three dimensions: Worst Case Loss, 1% Loss Probability and 0.5% Loss Probability.

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Scenario Modeling

Squalify can model the frequency and financial impact of cyber incidents, showing you how often your organization is likely to experience a significant cyber event and predicting the potential financial loss in detail.

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Minimize your Efforts on quantifying Cyber Risk.

Do you feel you spend too much time and resources on risk assessment? Squalify's top-down approach to risk quantification gives you an aggregated view of your organization's risk level. Say goodbye to complex consolidation processes. Hello to quantifying cyber risk in days.

Replicable Model

Repeat the quantification process as often as you like. No more time-consuming development and maintenance of your own model.

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Data-Backed Insights

Make reliable, data-driven investment decisions from historical cyber loss data. No more guesswork.

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Performance Benchmarking

Easily prioritize the most impactful security investments by benchmarking the performance of strategic cyber initiatives across your organization.

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Future-proof Information Security against evolving Cyber Threats

Struggling to stay ahead of the ever-changing cyber threat landscape? Use Squalify's SaaS platform to quantify the financial impact of specific cyber threats to your organisation. This allows you to easily prioritise the most effective security investments (across all lines of business) at a strategic level.

Top 10 Controls

Identify the top 10 controls that have the greatest impact on your organization's overall information security posture.

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Risk Management Plans

Develop and validate the effectiveness of crisis management plans for data breaches, business interruption and financial theft and fraud.

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Risk Predictions

Model the likelihood and financial impact of unexpected cyber threats to your business and find out how best to prepare for the unknown.

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why squalify

Quantify Cyber Risk at the Enterprise Level.

The Squalify SaaS platform specializes in top-down cyber risk quantification. We provide you with the insight and clarity to make your voice resonate with your Board.

Trusted Insights

Support your case with data-driven insights from 9+ years of historical cyber losses.

Repeatable Process

Perform the risk assessment for your organization as often and for as many entities as needed.

Quick Results

Quantify your organization's worst case loss in just 48 hours and complete a full cyber risk quantification in only 21 days.

"The quality and speed of getting results with the Squalify CRQ platform is unparalleled."
Volker Burgers
Partner and Cyber Strategy Lead at Deloitte Germany